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I was extremely impressed with the holistic approach to treatment that Sarah took. Whilst I had upper back, neck and shoulder pain. It was by activating all core muscle groups that has resolved in a sustained relief of my symptoms. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. Her friendly manner, caring approach and helpful explanations allow you to embrace the treatment and philosophy.

Steve Bassi

Dentist, Hatfield

I spent years visiting chiropractors and osteopaths with my chronic back pain but nothing gave me permanent relief. Seeing Sarah has transformed my back which is now stable and pain free. When I finish a treatment I feel full of energy with all muscles working correctly. Thank you Sarah for transforming my body and for being so caring and such a good listener! 

Laura Rudoe

CEO Evolve Beauty, Radlett

A modern day miracle - I visited Sarah with knee pain and very restricted movement, particularly squatting, which was affecting my performance at the gym. In one session knee pain was relieved, had a full range of movement, was so much stronger and is still the case 4 weeks after that first session. Incredible result!

Eloise Aspinall

Solicitor, Barnet

Once again, my regular monthly session has left me initially a bit sore, tired and ready for bed, but the vast change in strength from pre treatment to post treatment is so overwhelming that there is no other treatment I’ve had that has come close to these results. Dividends come to fruition over my next few weeks with a heightened self awareness, clarity of thought and an increased in strength and endurance. As for the actual treatment of my injuries, so far a 100% resolution rate attributed to her wide skill set with always something in the barrel…  This is my new addiction. 

Evangelo Panagi

IT Consultant, Potters Bar

I have been having Activation Therapy with Sarah for the past few months and I'm totally hooked. After a session I feel upright and grounded, my mood is lifted, I feel less stressed, I need less sleep - it's weird, sometimes immediately after a session, I'm so wired I can't drop off but I wake up feeling refreshed and energised.  I'm so much stronger, lifting more weight at the gym and hardly get out of breath when playing squash or doing a circuit class.  My yoga is much better because I'm more flexible - it just works on so many levels.  I've tried lots of different physio and different therapy over the years - Alexander technique, accupuncture, reiki, sports massage and this is by far and away the most effective.  It did hurt at first - a lot (for someone so small Sarah can cause an astonishing  amount of pain) but it was well worth it and I now look forward to my monthly sessions.

Scott Thomas

IT Director and UK Karate Champion, Hertfordshire

I first came to see Sarah for a trapped nerve and stiffness in my right shoulder. I had never heard of activation therapy, but I cannot recommend it (and Sarah) highly enough. I left my first session feeling 10 years younger! Sarah's healing hands pressed under my ribs and it was like the door of a birdcage was sprung open releasing years of trapped tension and anxiety that I had not even realised I was carrying. My posture and breathing were dramatically improved which boosted my energy levels and my mood. I have returned regularly and benefit enormously everytime in terms of improved well-being.

Susanne Carrington


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I came to see Sarah at the London Healthcare Clinic. She was very polite and friendly and the treatment was absolutely amazing! The combination of holistic and traditional methods has not only restored my health but has improved it. The results of the treatment speak for themselves. I have full confidence in using the areas that were injured and have been able to increase the workload and training to even better than before with no pain, worry or hesitancy. 

Thabani Tshabalala

Boxer, London

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