Activation therapy is a holistic approach designed to restore your body’s optimal function by massaging congestion points within the muscles and releasing blockages. Muscle testing is used to assess any weakness. The techniques are applied and the muscles are retested. The results in strength and flexibility are dramatic and easily measurable and are accompanied by improved muscle balance, energy and resilience and usually a complete resolution of pain.


I have been practising as a physiotherapist since graduating in 1996 and I completed my Masters degree in Advanced Physiotherapy at UCL in 2006. I worked in a private clinic in central London for more than 15 years.


In March 2014 I attended Douglas Heel's Activation Therapy course which completely changed my practise....and my life. I was completely unaware of how much stress I was holding onto until it was released. My right shoulder dysfunction completely resolved, my swimming performance dramatically improved and I felt more alive than I have ever felt before.


I have 3 sons and my eldest has been diagnosed with a syndrome which included musculoskeletal weakness. He was 5 years old when I started treating him with activations. He was falling over hundreds of times a month because of weakness resulting from low tone and hypermobility. Within a few weeks of therapy, he stopped falling over and has continued to metaphorically and literally go from strength to strength, including a dramatic improvement in his overall health and in his academic performance at school. 

I have treated hundreds of clients with this technique ever since and have enjoyed seeing them strengthen and hearing about the positive changes it has made to their lives.



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